Commercial Property Investment Finance

Due to our strong and diverse banking relationships, we are able to source property funding for commercial and industrial properties on terms more advantageous than the borrower is able to obtain.


Reesby & Co normally undertake a competitive tender for the larger finance facilities to a number of lenders to ensure the most competitive offer is sourced. This competitive process provides exceptional results for the borrower. Projects we have funded include the $250 million Spark Head office in Victoria St, Auckland CBD and the $500 million purchase of the Todd Group property assets.

As commercial mortgage rates increase the banks have become extremely conservative with commercial lending due to the high interest cover ratio requirements. The offshore lenders do not have the same tough requirements.


The lending market changes on a monthly basis. We have an intimate understanding of the market place as we are negotiating with the lenders on a daily basis. We have funding sources for commercial property loans and industrial development finance that are not normally available in the marketplace. 

We therefore understand which lender provides the most competitive terms and conditions at any time and exactly how far we can push each lender. This provides our borrowers with the comfort that they are obtaining the absolute best terms and conditions in the market.


Over the past 3 years we have funded the development of 10 large Childcares in the Auckland region and have specific expertise in Childcare funding.

The value of the recent projects funded is in excess of $2 billion


The Headquarters

Mt Wellington $36 million

Shott Warehouse

Westgate, Auckland $25 million

The Workshops

Mt Wellington $90 million

Childcare, Corinthian Dr