Property Joint Ventures

Reesby and Company Limited has undertaken a number of property joint ventures over the years on retail centres, subdivisions, apartment developments, commercial office developments and childcares. We generally fund the project up to 100% of cost in return for an interest rate on the funds and a profit share.

Are you seeking a credible partner who has extensive knowledge of the New Zealand property market? We have an exceptional reputation within the banking and property market which greatly assists the project.

We bring the following strengths to the joint venture:

  • Knowledge of the best consultants (engineers, valuers, lawyers, surveyors, real estate agents, planners etc.) to assist in the project.
  • Knowledge of the marketplace including values in the area, comparative sales evidence and demand for certain types of product.
  • Knowledge of the best construction companies and form of construction contract.
  • Preparation of feasibilities and detailed monthly cashflows.
  • Providing the necessary finance for the project.